You are a Growthjack (and why you want us for your event?)

How often have you wondered if your communication is engaging enough? Engagement is directly proportional to relevance and EQ. How amazing would it be for a brands to just focus on strategy and let execution be handled by those who already understand their target audiences. Every brand can generate a unique set of attributes and discover who their fans listen to.

Why a Growthjack?

1. Close monitoring, mentoring and quality control

While employing a team for an event to be really effective and budget-efficient, maintaining both consistency of quality and quantity can be a real challenge. Like you, a Growthjack ensures close monitoring, mentoring and quality control of various projects and of the Growthjacks themselves.

2. Track project deadlines in real time

Never again be left hanging when dealing with tough deadlines. Track projects in real time on Growthjack.

Order an event marketing project with Growthjack. Get through inights, ideas and meet influencers. 

3. Quantity is more important than quality

Don't get caught in the pseudo-trend of posting/publishing/distributing/or doing more. It always works better to focus on quality. Less is more. And here goes our model of  success.

Quality > Quantity > Budget

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Looking for more reasons to hire a Growthjack?

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