Trump is less popular in the world than the US: Growthjack

From his wisecracks and brutal remarks on disabled reporters and women to calling Meryl Streep the most ‘overrated’ actress in Hollywood. Like women talking about their men, there’s one thing you can be sure about Trump is his inability to withhold his emotions. That sure is a cause for his drop in popularity charts.

The worldwide approval rating of Donald Trump has been sliding. We looked at over 760 thousand conversations on the web and did a sentiment analysis to discover that only 15% of these were rated positive while 52% were rated negative. 89.2% of these conversations took place in the United States and 52.2% of these influencers were men and the rest women. Trumps’s popularity is dipping in US too.

What the US thinks of Trump?

We did a separate analysis of conversations originating from the United States with a 50-50 gender ratio. Out of 681.6K mentions, 53% was negative and only 16% was positive.


The top trending headlines include:

How Trump Is Dragging Americas Image Down?’;

‘How Trump Is Threatening the Constitution?’;

‘The World Is Going Down with Trump’;

‘Trump is killing the Republican Party’.


Important to mention is that the mainstream media has been quite neutral.


The most talked about mentions came from BBC, People, CNN, and Fox. To remove any bias posed by the mainstream media, we looked at over 617K conversations only from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin. 52% were still negative, whereas only 15% had something positive to say about Trump. Still unsure if we were able to dilute mainstream media’s voice and concentrate on what ordinary American citizen thinks, we looked at over 33K conversations on just forums to again discover 66% negative sentiment over only 12% that seemed positive concluding that public opinion is not in favor of Trump. This was confirmed by the new polls. Even then, Trump is more unpopular in the rest of the world than in the US.


The news polls

One of the most talked about topics, in the last couple of days, was the new ABC/Washington Poll. It’s interesting to note that the results were expected. Just 36 % of Americans polled approve of Trump’s performance. 52-37 % Americans think Trump is trying to interfere with investigations of possible Russian influence in the elections. Again, a strong indicator of approval ratings.

The same survey suggests sixty-one percent of evangelical white Protestants approve of Trump’s performance, as do 55 % of white men who don’t have a college degree—highlighting the two mainstays of his support base. Looking at the conversations, he gets majority American support on the issue of illegal immigration.


Clinton off worse

He seems to have no competition at the moment as the latest Bloomberg National Poll discovers that Hillary Clinton is even less popular than the most unpopular US President in last 70 years. Trump had a net favorability of 41% whereas Clinton has a net favorability of 39%. Our own analysis of over 23k conversations originating from the US shows Clinton has a disapproval rating of 56% over an approval rating of only 14%.

Less Unpopular in Europe?

When we looked at Europe, out of 39.3K mentions, only 15% were positive while about 45% expressed undesirable sentiments about Trump. 54.2% of which originated in the United Kingdom. CNN’s editors in their Opinion Pieces have been visibly critical of Trump mostly because of his inconsistent misquotes/quotes. Fox, on the other hand, seems to be more optimistic of the US President with coverage like the one below:


We also wanted to know how American’s felt about their own country. We analyzed conversation with keywords such as ‘My America’, ‘My America Is’, ‘Our America’.  One of the most talked about topics was racism, equality, and diversity. Over 64% Americans are not happy with the current political situation.

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