Top Marketing Lessons of 2017 for Social Media Managers

Everyone is sweating. Facebook’s organic reach is still declining. From 16% in February 2012 to just 2% in 2015 and another 52-percent decline in organic reach from January 2016 through mid-July 2016. Even in 2017, with more ads-streams Facebook is expected to prioritize personal interactions. It is true marketers are resentful. After all, it was hard work building a community and a targeted fan base. It is time for Facebook to take initiative and help page owners in their attempt to keep the audiences engaged. At the same time, it has become imperative for publishers to create competitive content.

Twitter, however, is struggling to overcome the overcrowding of organic marketing content. It is shrinking to a specialized network where personal interactions are limited and overshadowed by controversy, propaganda or promotional messages. There’s a reason why people are looking out to other networks that offer more interesting ways to network. (See: Rise of Snapchat, etc.) There’s an ever-increasing need to strike the right balance.

Going back to the basis of marketing, we take lessons for managing social media and making it more effective for brands.

less is more social media

Less social posts and more results


We talk a lot about frequency and type of posts. While it is true by common reason that increasing the number of posts will increase reach and the average engagements of posts per day, it is only in comparison to a certain quality of the posts made. It’s time we give all content we post the significance it deserves. It is not about the number but the quality. It’s time we start being more creative and strategic than ever. It is time we start looking at ways to sustain and increase the shelf life of each post. It’s time we stop focusing on the number of posts.




Social Media: To be visual or not

With the number of videos on Facebook increasing, it has allowed inbuilt hosting and is now offering similar video stats as YouTube. Facebook is already hacking into YouTube’s In-stream Ad revenue. Also, it seems FB has given some sort of priority to videos when it comes to organic reach. Now everyone is talking about creating video post instead of pictures. The solution is neither pictures nor videos. The solution is and always will be the quality of the content: be it video, image or text with links. How interesting is it for audiences? How relevant is it for the brand?



Talk about aliens!

The answer is aliens!

We are moving on to a new generation of audiences. Without getting into fancy names with which they are referred to—millennials, Generation Y/Z, etc.—they are the generation of handheld computing (not just tablets), they use YouTube as the preferred media player, they watch shows and sitcoms here instead of the TV, they use their mobile phones throughout the day to multitask, they read news online and social network not just to stay connected but to stay relevant to their generation. However, one thing hasn’t changed: the amount of content consumed. While we talk about platforms, media networks and handles, we forget that their increase in number doesn’t actually change a lot about the way we market. Every platform supports one or more of the same formats. From search, media, landing pages to social, the communication has to be different, striking, worth the recall or just useful but made to position the brand. As a corollary, every text written (even AdWords copy), spoken and seen (visuals and videos) has to be an advertising copy. Every visual and video has be meticulously creative. Everything inorganic must also be organic.



Organic in inorganic

Everyone who has told you not to talk about the brand on Social is probably used to losing on big opportunities every day. Good communication is about conversing in the toughest situations, even with a lot of noise (intrusion). That only requires perspective. Even creativity is about perspective. Understand the perspective that allows you to talk about the brand in ways that are entertaining, unobtrusive, interesting and thought-provoking.


The top 4 marketing lessons for social media managers this year: less is more, the answer doesn’t lie in media formats, all effective inorganic effort should also have an organic impact and vice-versa, never forget to talk about the brand.

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