Lifestyle, Technology and Business Predictions of 2017-2018, Image of Mountain and Sunrise

Top Lifestyle, Technology and Business Predictions of 2017-18

Here are the top lifestyle, technology trends of 2017-2018 that we will keep track of for you.

  • Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies are not only here to save users their productive hours but will also make automation technologies appear less mechanical.

While you see all digital assistants including Amazon Echo, Windows Cortana today flaunting their human-like attributes, in substance they do little of what’s actually possible.

We have already seen some samples of this technology helping with little things like filling forms, setting workspaces and making lists to performing more complex and hectic tasks such as making your household and workplace adapt and sync to your routine.

The need to network is more than ever. The human capability of learning new skills and performing tasks has grown significantly in this world of interconnectedness. Like a 3d design software makes hundreds of calculations every minute to predict and render a 3-dimensional object. Imagine software learning your usage to predict context instead of just the semantics. All the behavioral data can help you focus on learning new skills and performing tasks at the sight of your hand.

While we have experts for every domain today, the need to bridge the divide of expertise and focus on the overall vision has been the greatest challenge for humanity. Machine learning and AI can help fill this void and help us master more skills, bring knowledge of various domain on a single fora and help us reach for bigger things.

With the rise of big data applications and intelligent software, the need for security has never been greater. Machine learning and AI can build us complex predictive systems that are better equipped to safeguard us from privacy violations and security breaches. Manual alertness and caution will still be needed as the progress will affect both the violators and the victims.

  • Virtual Reality

One of the greatest technological challenges of this century has been to bring the screen alive.

From TV to computers to gaming devices to handhelds to wearable, we have been stuck—in a virtual world of screens that takes a toll on our health and our experience.  Work from being a physical and engaging experience has been ensnared into a flat screen and a cursor.

Among the top lifestyle/technology trends of 2017-2018 is virtual reality. It can bring back that toiling but immersive real world back to us. The possibilities are endless: an architect being able to draw out structures in the real world, students being able to learn through experience rather than just theory, the scientist being able to have a lab without actually investing in any of the expensive and hard to maintain equipment, games turning us into Olympic athletes, etc. It’s something out of science fiction. And all this will just be a beginning of translating internet of things to internet of human experiences.

  • Big Data Applications

All these technologies that we are talking about today are interconnected and work together. Big Data–another top lifestyle, technology trend of 2017-2018–as a means of gathering, maintaining, analyzing, predicting and influencing human behavior will become the backbone of all the top technologies including machine learning, AI, home networks and interconnected systems that we use in our daily lives. It’s a trending topic today because billions of users are on the web and using more than one similar platforms. Both commerce and industry have felt the need to understand user behavior better in order for them to sell and maximize revenues.

However, the scope of big data is not limited to commerce and profit. Understanding of how a segment of population behaves can help eradicate the greatest of our problems including poverty, illiteracy and unemployment.  While we keep investing funds every year to solve these problems, the results are still unsatisfactory.  Big data cannot just help us understand ways to bring these people on platforms that offer them a way out, but also help create these platforms and environments.

  • Renewable Energy and Sustainable Innovations

Renewable energy and sustainable innovations aren’t the future anymore. They are a necessity of today and one of the top lifestyle, technology trends of 2017-2018. Current stats and data suggest that we have already destroyed most of our environment and its ability to recuperate. The funds assigned to sustainable innovations and our readiness to adopt them is still questionable. Crowdsourcing platforms have helped but the need for commercial interests to seek out these innovations and build them for future profit is still lacking. As a human tendency, we have matured into organisms who constantly compete to better their standard of living even if it means a total denial of possible negative outcomes.

To build sustainable innovations, creatives have to think both of utility and commercial interests. A cellphone that can charge itself, a house that is self-sufficient with the amount of electricity it generates and consumes, a red light or a street light able to work without an external power source. Even with a lot of progress in the sector, these are still some of the greatest challenges facing us today, and we hope these will be adequately addressed by innovators and entrepreneurs.

  • Merging of online and offline experiences

Evidence from the progress of virtual reality, machine learning, and intelligent applications suggest merging of online and offline experiences. No medium is better than the other. Online stores will merge with brick and mortar. That will be one of the top lifestyle, technology trends of 2017-2018

Both online and offline have their advantages and disadvantages and the current competition between online and brick-and-mortar stores is faux and passable as funding levels bottom-up and both have a similar playing field. People will realize that the current sway towards digital will ease and the focus will shift towards integrated.

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