Top Team Building Activities

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Top Ice-breakers and Energizers

  • Scout Clap: Icebreakers and Energizers

    Scout clap is an incredible energizer and warm-up exercise that improves rhythm, co-ordination and more. There are many types of scout claps but even a standard scout clap liven ups atmosphere and opens up the space for further interactions between individuals and groups.

  • Human Knot: Icebreakers and Energizers

    The human knot activity is a great team-building exercise. The approximate playing time is Duration: 15 min to 20 min Players stand in a circle and reach out to hold each other hands, with each hand connecting a different person, thereby creating a ‘human knot.’ Then the players attempt to untie themselves without letting go of each other’s hands. Though the activity looks challenging, it’s easy and fun. The activity will:

    • Build teamwork
    • Improve problem solving
    • Improve communication skills
    • Help build trust
    • Encourage persistence

  • Send to the stage: Ice-breakers and Energizers

    Send to stage is the simplest of all ice-breakers and energizers. The emcee calls upon members from the audience to perform simplest of tasks that take a fun turn. Simple creative tasks such as – Best joke Best impersonation of a race car Impersonation of your partner – ensure that the evening is engaging, exciting and super fun.


  • Pass the person
  • Back Balloon Race
  • Hoola Hoop
  • Coin Relay
  • Blind balloon bust obstacle course [trust exercise]


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