Create Your Own Event: Employee Family Day Meet

Create your own event: Employee Family Day. Enjoy bundle packages with massive discounts.

Profile Lights and Events Lighting by Growthjack Events

1 x Lighting Setup for Events

Flexibility of customizing set-up as per variations in space/requirements. Additional few lights can be accommodated as per requirements without any extra costs. Set-up, installation and operator included.


1 x Sound Setup

“Sound” Can Make or Break Your Event! Hearing someone speaking at an event is more important than seeing him or her. It’s easy for the novice planner to simply lump all that “audio visual stuff” into a single bucket, but for all the visual brilliance of today’s flat screen TVs and high tech projectors, without good sound, you’re dead in the water.

Emcee from Growthjack Events for corporate parties, launches, meetings, conferences, employee meets

Anchor | Emcee

When a Master of Ceremonies (also known as MC or emcee) is given the task of direction at a party, he or she will use their skills and expertise to keep the atmosphere thriving. MCs are specifically trained to keep the entertainment of an event on schedule, keep the attention of the crowd and provide direction.

events photographer with camera on a tripod

Events Photographer

Photography services from top-notch professionals with high-end equipment and passion for capturing the best moments on canvas. Meeting the highest standards and free post editing included, photography services from Growthjack Events is affordable, high-quality and super-convenient. Get in touch for customized event plans and awesome hassle-free execution.

Videographer taking videos of the event


Top notch videography services from professionals by Growthjack Events. For event of any kind and size. Dedicated professionals and top-notch equipment along with free post editing services. Cost-effective, budget-friendly and inexpensive yet of high professional standards.


Candyfloss Machine

Mmmm… there’s nothing quite like cotton candy. The sweet treat looks like a cloud and tastes like all kinds of goodness.

Golden and silver balloon decorations

Baloon Décor

Cherish the best moments with beautiful, sophisticated and happy Balloon Decorations that'll make someone day more beautiful.


Bowling Alley

It involves a bit of skill, a bit of strategy and a bit of luck. Those are good ingredients for a good game.


Balloon Shooting Game

man drinking beer from a funny puppet device coming out of his shoulders

Beer Puppet

The beer puppet game that took the Internet by storm is here. The source of numerous viral videos and gifs the beer puppet is a must-have fun and engaging game for all whether they drink beer or not!


Bow and Arrow

There's no better way to build team camraderie than Archery Games! Archery Games reinforces strong communication, teamwork and encouragement... and it's also a lot of fun to shoot your coworkers with our foam-tipped arrows!


Mini Golf

Mini golf is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities and the aim of the game is to hit a ball from a tee-off point into a hole in as few shots as possible. Mini golf courses include a variety of interesting and tricky obstacles for players to Putt through, over, under and around!


Dart Game

Darts is basically a game of target blended with intelligence. Intelligence coupled with precision and concentration in order to score the points that are required to bring it to zero. Hand and eye co-ordination is a must for this game. It is a game played with equal vigor by the young and the old at the same platform. Last but not the least it is an inexpensive game and can be played in a small area.

Fun and engaging party clowns and jokers from growthjack events

Party Joker / Clown

Every kids deserves these party clown. Make parties fun and entertaining. Engagement for kids.




Tattoo Artist

Hire a temporary tattoo artist for your event. Creative artists shell out the most awesome tattoos that you'd probably wouldn't want to take off. Customizations galore. Create your own event and get bundled event packages for even better discounts.


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