Couples Activity Pack

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  • Ring a bell:
    An engaging activity where couples come to stage and perform simple fun tasks given by the moderator/emcee such as: Best joke, impersonation of your partner, can show the most pictures of the two of them together, look alike partners, etc.

  • Balloon Back:
    A short activity where couples hold follow directions without letting the balloon fall.

  • Couple Blind Search:
    A fun little activity where both the partners are blindfolded and some cloth pegs/laundry clips are attached to one partner while the other one has to find all of them.

  • Gatbandhan:
    Perform simple fun tasks while tied together.

  • Couple Paper Dance:
    Couples are asked to step on a sheet of paper and dance to the music. Every time the music stop the sheet of paper is folded and thus the couple has smaller and smaller space to dance on – making the activity romantic, fun and hilarious.

  • Couple Balloon Dance Contest:
    Couples hold a balloon between their foreheads/chests/stomach and dance off. The game has only one rule: never drop the balloon. If the balloon is dropped the couple has to dance again.

  • Family Dance Face-off with Kids:
    Couple follow the kids in this dance face-off.

*the duration and no. of activities depend on the no. and size of groups and total duration of the event



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