How to Build your Own Classified Ad Website for Free Without Any Coding Knowledge?

We are here with a tutorial for you. Be on your way to creating your own Free Classified Ad website like Craiglist, OLX, Quickr, etc.  Let’s do this step-by-step:

What are Ad Classified Websites?

Classified Ad Website is the site where users will post ads for something they want to buy or sell, transact or exchange, like – house, recent mobiles, laptops, used utensils, used things and more.

Users can easily sell and purchase items after looking at the classified ads and by clicking on them to find the publisher contacts. It’s that easy. However, building inherent functions into these classified websites ain’t an easy task. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into building these websites. And that’s why developers and web designers charge huge amounts of money. We’ll just let you in on a quick, easy and free secret to build your own Classified Ad Website without any coding knowledge.

Top Features of any Classified Ad Website


The listings page contains all the classified ads. This page can typically contain the featured image for the item on sale, with the title and worth.

It’s important to have a simple navigation and content structure for visitors to browse through the ads on the listing page of your classified website.

Registration and Login

There has to be a registration and a subsequent login option for your visitors. This links to the Post Ads Page from where visitors to your Ad Classified Website can publish individual ads. This also allows visitors to keep track of their ads and the responses they get on the ads.

Product Page

The Product Page has the description of the product and the pictures. The listing may also include an offer or announcement, or a product on auction. There may be several options provided on this page such as:

  1. Notifications Options: There will be an ‘Add to Watchlist’ option, allowing a user to be notified about price changes and availability. There can be ‘Post Enquiry’ option, to permit guests to raise questions about the Ad Classified listing.
  2. Sharing Options: Having social sharing buttons is a must, to permit visitors to share the classified on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  3. Review, Ratings, and Comments: The option to rate review and comment is indispensable. While the option to rate Classified Ads has to be the first priority, there can also be the option to rate, review and comment about the seller. Adding historical numbers such as no. of products sold and bought adds a lot of credibility to the Classified Listings.
  4. Product Suggestions: Such suggestion is often offered to both logged-out and logged-in users. The suggestions can be based on the listings they have made or are checking out currently.
  5. Using Tags and Categories: Dividing the listing and using tags and categories properly is one of the most important things you can do while creating your own Classifieds Ad Website. If you follow this Step-by-Step guide, you’ll make your very own Classifieds Ad Website in no-time complete with
    the set of features we are talking about and completely free.

Things required to build a Classified Ad Website

First, you need a smart and reliable hosting company, in my view, Godaddy and Bigrock are cheap and pretty reliable, I have personally used them for a couple years without problems. You can you these coupons to get additional discounts:

Link –- GoDaddy

Link —BigRock

Get your Hosting, don’t select a free hosting service unless you are doing it only for testing. Do realize that you’re going to start a business and you can only make money if you are serious about it.

After choosing a Hosting Plan, register a unique domain name. If you’re going to kickstart your own brand of business, then register a professional domain [preferably a primary domain address such as .com]

Now, you have a domain, now select “Auto Installer” in your hosting Cpanel account. There you will find an app named “Osclass”. Just install it by clicking on it. You can also install the latest version from the website and upload it on your webserver with an FTP like Filezilla. Then open your website and follow the on-screen installation process. Finally, customize the provided templates and plugins as per your requirement.

What is Osclass?

Osclass is an open source classifieds script which will assist you in building your own classifieds website in a few easy steps. With this tool, you will be ready to begin your ad classified business in time. What you’ve got to do is:

1. Install Osclass via the auto installer from the hosting panel or by the upload process earlier mentioned.

2. Open in your browser

Replace with the domain name you purchased and log in with the username and password that you have entered during installation.

Creating your own classifieds website was never this easy. Osclass is also available in 5 different languages for you to cast a wider access for users.

Your Own Ad Classified Website is Ready

Your own Ads Classified website is ready, let users put up items for sale and earn cash using third-party Ad networks such as Adsense, Infolinks, etc. You can also put up premium listings for better monetization that shows right at the top.



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