Google develops an app for Australian Elections 2016. Image Credit: Knight Mark Caricature of Australian Elections

How Google Made an Australian Election Map App

With 94% of eligible Australians registered to vote, there were close to 15 million participants this year in the Australian Elections. Google built the Australian Elections Map App.

Google's App for Australian Elections

Goggle’s Australia Election App


The app provides all the necessary information Australians needed during the electoral process, including:

  1. A polling place locator with searchable addresses, suburbs, and electorates
  2. Directions and navigation to the polling places, accessible via the election map
  3. Real-time election results once polling has closed and counting has started
  4. The ability to share and embed maps.
Polling booths listed for Australian Elections

Polling Stations on the Australian Election Map

The Google’s Australian Elections map app had static electorate data, polling booths and ballot papers. It also had data on who won the electorate in the last 2013 election, sourced from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

At the voting day Australians had the ability to search for polling stations and learn about what services are available at each location (accessibility, sausage sizzle and/or cake stand). They also got real-time traffic information and turn-by-turn directions via Google Maps’ all through the Australian Election Map App.

Featured Image by Knight Marks

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