About the Magazine

“Why GrowthJack?” you ask.

Our answer: because marketing turns us on.

Jet Ski, Bubble Wrap and Jacuzzi—these are trademark brands that have replaced common product names. Testimony of the power of advertising and marketing, have those fundamentals really shifted with mobility and automation?

From one creative to a comprehensive strategy deck, the pitch has changed. From a few platforms to a slew of platforms, attention spans have fallen and scattered. While we talk about growth hacking and the aptitude for technology, in essence it’s all creativity.

This obvious inference is necessary to highlight because more often than not marketers have asked if it is necessary to learn coding and delve into numbers. Not really but the understanding of the medium–to the extent of recognizing its flexibility (opportunities) and rigidity (limitations)–is indispensable. You can’t enjoy jacking unless you know all about the wondrous possibilities (pun unintended). 

Often, growth jacking aligns with habits of enterprises, builds connections and enables them to imbibe models of constant growth from past experiences of their own business and others. It is not beyond growth hacking and not limited by the medium.

While a growth jack talks about marketing and advertising for a generation least inclined and susceptible to such messaging (to the extent of almost hating it).

This is a time when strategies don’t go beyond short-term talk (leads, conversions) instead of harmonizing a long-term vision (such as establishing a trustworthy and loved brand). While automation and regression models may not overshadow creativity, we think to reshape it. And these are not limited only to the enterprise.

While everyone talks about growth-hacking, we’ll study the case studies of growth, how it has affected us and the lessons we learn with each experience.

A growthjack is about thinking from a whole new paradigm: non-linear but structured. Looking at growth drivers for businesses, professionals and everyone with a sense of objective. Learning life-skills, making the right choices and improving as an enterprise, as a leader, as an expert, as a consumer and as an individual.  Clean up your act and join the conversation @growthjack.com